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Has your website already been running for a while, but you are still not generating enough revenue from it? Is your online store perfect but there are no order coming in? You may need to have your site optimized because currently, your customers are not able to find you online. Up to 50% of Google search users only view the first two pages of results. Be visible.

The technical aspects of your corporate website are as important as high-quality content. Thanks to a good structure the Google bots indexing your website can do their work more effectively, they get to understand the content on your website much better and will therefore prefer your website to others when displaying search results. We can audit your existing site and provide you with suggestions on how to improve its existing technical structure and content, in order to improve your position in search results.

Technical and content

Technical and content

Is the structure of my website good?

If the visitors coming to your website do not find relevant content quickly, the will leave and probably never return. Therefore, it is very important for you to make sure that your corporate website appears in the search results when users search for your targeted keywords. We can provide you with keyword analysis, we will find out which keywords are targeted by your competition. Following this process, we will be able to choose the right strategy to improve your website’s position when a particular keyword is searched for by your prospects and attract more visitors to your site.

Keyword research

Does your website suffer from boring content or product descriptions that are full of technical data copied over from the manufacturer’s website? Content that is relevant and of high quality can do more than just attract new visitors and customers, it sets your website apart from the competition and the success of your corporate website or your online store is primarily determined by the content you provide, content that engages your prospective customers to take action.

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