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A photo is worth a thousand words

Increase your brand awareness with professional photos and videos that you can use to showcase your products and in advertising campaigns. Impress your customers with great visuals that attract their attention.

Professional photos sell your products

We live in a visual world where photos tell stories. Attract the attention of your customers with quality photos that carry emotions and professionally present your products or services. Before starting a photoshoot, we always discuss all the details with you so that the final photos match all your specific requirements. We operate a fully equipped studio in Banská Bystrica and work with professional technology manufactured by Elinchrom, Fomie, Photon, Slidekamera, Canon and Blackmagic.

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High quality product photos represent your company, they represent you. Without the ability to try out products online, your customers rely on high quality photos and videos representing all the important attributes of your products. Keep in mind that as many as 93% of online buyers decide on buying a product based on the quality of photos you provide.

Product photography

We will help you create professional video spots for both online and TV advertising. We work with a professional production team with rich experience in advertising and film production. We offer full-service production which means that you only need your unique idea and our professional team will take care of all the rest (directing, scripts, locations, actors, props, postproduction, composing music and audio effects). Our videos are created using professional technology made by Red, Arri, Blackmagic and Slidekamera.

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Online a TV

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