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Our philosophy

We are not a one-time stop shop with hundreds of finished projects that look cool in the references section. We always come up with a well-thought-out strategy for each of our projects which helps us build lasting professional relationships with our clients. Our effective solutions bring them real results and move their businesses forward.

We follow the latest technological trends and bring our clients effective solutions that meet their expectations and fulfill the defined goals so that you can focus on your core business.

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Behind the scenes

Meet our team

Peter Kliment

Peter Kliment

Co-Founder, CEO
Róbert Balaško

Róbert Balaško

Co-Founder, CTO
Richard Gašperan

Richard Gašperan

Cameraman, composer, photographer

We will meet over coffee

We will shake hands, drink a cup of coffee, we will talk. We always listen to your first. Fulfilling your ideas and expectations is essential for us.


Detailed analysis and deadlines

We will thoroughly analyse your project from all perspectives, we will learn about your target audience and will let you know about everything that needs to be done in order to get ahead of your competition. Furthermore, we will define deadlines. Even though great things take time, we will always meet your deadlines.


First sketches and design

After we are done analysing, we will make a working prototype (wireframe) of your solution. Together, we will bring it to perfection by incorporating all your thoughts and ideas. This wireframe will serve as the base for the final design.


Programming and development

With the design finished, we can start developing. The process of programming is divided into several sections. After finishing each section, we will show you a finished part of the final solution to try out.


Testing and launch

Development is followed by thorough testing of the whole project from both the technical and usability aspects. When everything is working fine and all the bugs have been fixed, we will launch your poject.


Optimization and support

After some time, we will check whether the solution fulfills all the goals you have set initially. We prefer long-term cooperation so we also provide support, take care of your solution and regularly check whether everything is running smoothly.